Friday, July 30, 2010


It's Friday.

As a student I looked forward to Friday because there was no homework. As a teacher I looked forward to Friday because there were no meetings. As a stay at home mom I looked forward to Friday because we met friends for dinner. As a homeschool mom I look forward to Friday because we have our lightest day and clean the house.

The last few Fridays have been different, though.

Two Fridays ago I had a breast biopsy. Most people would not be looking forward to this, but after nearly a year of having various symptoms and being told over and over that "yes this is strange, but it is probably fine," I was finally beginning to get some answers. Obviously cancer was NOT the answer I was hoping to get, but I was not shocked. When my new doctor said "I'm worried this is cancer" it was chilling because that is the exact thing I said to my old doctor last September when my symptoms began.

Last Friday I spent 9 hours at a local hospital undergoing a whole series of tests to asses the extent of the cancer so a treatment plan could be developed. I looked forward to these tests so that I could have a picture of my prognosis, work on researching my options, and know what kind of help I will need going forward.

On this Friday, I am meeting with my oncologist (wow, there is a sentence I never thought I would write). We will go over all of the test results and talk about my treatment options. There are a couple of spots that have me worried, but overall I am very hopeful. My appointment is not until later this afternoon, I will update here after dinner.

Until then... TGIF!


  1. Colleen, I know that feeling of knowing something isn't right, and being told you're fine or it's all in your head. It sucks that this is vindication. Do you mind, at some point, sharing what symptoms led you to investigate further? As busy moms, many of us put off going to the doctor because it's too hard to find childcare, or we don't have insurance, or because a doctor tells us we're just tired or depressed, or for whatever reason. And we live with the symptoms. I am praying for you, and praying for your boys.

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  3. Colleen,

    The fabulous women in my church circle said a Rosary for you this week. We've done this a few times in the past with most excellent results. I love your blog. You are a gifted writer. Perhaps another career in the making?

    All my love,